Macbook air serial number

How to find serial number of your MacBook Air

Type MacBook Air Serial Number in the form below and check its details:

Do you wonder how to find a serial number for MacBook Air? Take a look at the below instruction, with several ways to find this number within a minute. The serial number is extremely helpful for you to identify your one and only MacBook Air.

The About This Mac method

Please find an instruction on how to find your MacBook Air’s serial number in the About This Mac window.

  1. First of all, select the Apple menu.
  2. Then go to About This Mac.
  3. Perfect! Here you can find all the details regarding your mobile, with serial number included!

If you do not have your device around, you may choose one of the following methods

The original packaging

If you did not throw away the original box from your MacBook Air, you can find your Mac serial number on a barcode label on the package.

The original receipt or an invoice

Since you haven’t lost your bill, you can find the serial number should there.