The new day bringsnew news! Check the latest checker we have prepared for your OPPO devices. Familiarize yourself with the most hidden details. Discover information that is not available to the average user. Expand the knowledge about your phone and enjoy!

OPPO SmartphoneAre you the owner of an OPPO device? Would you like to know it more? Here we meet your dreams and needs! See how much information and details you can get using our website. Don't be fooled and check information about a specific device. Make sure that the product description matches the real model. Find out the relevant information before buying a second-hand phone to make sure it is original. Recall the important details regarding the device you already own. Thanks to our latest checker, you will be able to discover all those essentials!

Why shall I use Oppo Checker?

As mentioned above, such details may be extremely helpful before buying a second-hand device. It enables you to compare devices' details and make sure that the salesperson's description matches the original item. Find out that the color from the offer is actually the original color of the phone. If this is already your phone, thanks to this feature you can come along with the warranty details, and check if it still covers your OPPO. What is more, you can discover Purchase Country, Model Description or Model Capacity.

What details Info & Country Checker provides?

  • Brand, Model, IMEI Number
  • Model Description, Model Number, Model Color, Model Memory, Model Capacity
  • Purchase Country
  • Warranty End Date

How to use Info Country Check?

  1. At first, open the browser and go to Evondt website.
  2. Prepare your device's IMEI Number and once you have it, enter it into the empty bracket in the middle of the screen or directly to the below tab.
  3. Then, go through the Captcha Protection and click on Check.
  4. Scroll a bit down, and select Info & Country Check, located under FREE CHECKS.
  5. Afterward, choose the Check OPPO Info & Country tab.
  6. Great! All the details are right in front of you!

Below you can also come along with the video tutorial, to make sure that you perform all the steps properly.

UPDATE: There is also Blacklist checker available for all brands including OPPO. Check if your phone is Clean or Blacklisted (Lost / Stolen). Just enter your IMEI below and make an order: