iPhone SIMLOCK blockade

Network Carrier & Lock Status

Are you looking for the best way to check if the iPhone device has a network blockade, called SIMLOCK? We would like to announce our super useful feature that can check it for you, which is Network Carrier & Lock Status If you are planning to buy a used smartphone then you should find out if the device has a SIMLOCK. We can offer a feature that gives you a possibility to see network carrier and lock status.

At the very beginning, we would like to explain what SIMLOCK actually is.

SIMLOCK is a blockade established inside the device software by the manufacturer on the mobile operator’s request, resulting in a lack of SIM Card authorization of other mobile operators. It means that if you purchased the phone with this kind of security measure - you won’t be able to install SIM Card provided any other operator than the original one.

How to use Evondt webpage to check SIMLOCK Status?

If you are looking just for a SIMLOCK Status, then we can highly recommend the SIMLOCK feature that tells you if the iPhone Sim-Lock Status is locked or unlocked. Let's follow the instruction below and find the checking result.

  1. In the first step, open Evondt home page and type your IMEI number (Read article here to locate your unique MEI number ).
  2. In the next step, you get the transfer to the full specification of your iPhone smartphone and superfeatures that you can use on your device.
  3. At this moment, choose Sim-Lock Status in order to check if your Apple device is locked or unlocked.
  4. Great! In the final part, you will be able to order Sim-Lock Status feature and get the knowledge if your device is locked or not.

If just the SIMLOCKStatus is not satisficed information for you and you are looking in what network is your iPhone locked, then you definitely need to use another checker that has advanced information about SIMLOCK Status. You will be able to findif your device has a network blockade, what network is your iPhone locked and whatcountry does it belong to?

  • Tap on theCarrer & Lock Status to get 100% accurate, fast and stable service.
  • At this moment, you will be able to order Carrer & Lock Status to get information about Network Blockade.

Read the whole article that we wrote especially for the iPhone users and learn more about iPhone Carrier & Lock Status Premium Check.