Especially for allcurrent and future Sony users, we prepared way more advancedfeature than ever!From now on, you will be able to gain extremely broad-minded detailsabout Sony smartphone. No more puzzles and doubts! You will be provided with all the essential info about your SONY.

sony xperiaWe have another great tool added to theSONY IMEI Checker. Especially for all current and future Sony users, we prepared way more advanced feature than previously. From now on, you will be able to gain extremely broad-minded details about Sony smartphone
Expand knowledge about your current phone. Find out what you haven’t even thought about. If you are about to buy a SONY make sure that the purchaser provides you with the actual, truthful information regarding the device. Ask the seller for phone's IMEI number or if the photos are accurate enough to see it, write it down. Afterward, visit our website and within a short while you will be provided with all the details regarding questioned Sony. All the necessary and most important info will no longer be a secret to you!

How to use SONY Warranty & Simlock STATUS Checker

  1. First of all, locate your SONY's IMEI number.
    If you do not know what IMEI number is or where it can be located, check out our tutorial.
  2. Once you have devices' IMEI number, open the browser and go to the
  3. To the bracket in the middle of the screen enter your smartphone’s unique IMEI number.
  4. Go through the Captcha protection and then click on Check.
  5. To activate the brand new, super checker click on Warranty & Simlock STATUS icon.
  6. Then, select Check SONY Warranty & Simlock STATUS tab and wait a few seconds.
  7. Great job! You have just reached all the necessary details about the questioned device!

As you noticed above, we have prepared plenty of new features, amazingly helpful tools which will help you in carrying out the best selection and picking the right smartphone.
The presented checker will be an extremely valuable tool before buying a second-hand device. Do not let yourself be fooled by a purchaser who wants to cheat you. Moreover, it is an immeasurable help if you have forgotten some details or want to expand the knowledge about your current smartphone. Take a look at previously added and brand new checkers that we constructed and get all necessary information about your smart device!